miercuri, 1 mai 2013

How to keep "business casual" simple

                             My longtime friend from Spain, asked me the same question. He just got a important job and wants to make a good impression, but the only problem is thats he.s the type of guy that wears sporty  things. So he asked me this:
"I hate business casual; I never know what to wear. Can you suggest three or four can't-miss wardrobe items to keep things simple?"

One: Get a soft-shouldered cotton sports jacket. I buy them whenever I see them. They’re pliable, comfy, and easy to pack. They do the job of a sweater but look dressier and have lots of pockets.

Two: Cashmere sweaters, especially V-necks. Can’t have enough of those. With a nice shirt it goes perfectly.
Three: Good chinos or sporty flat-fronts are a must.

Hope this helps all of you.


marți, 30 aprilie 2013

My Very First Blog!

                              There`s always a FIRST time for everything  and blogging is no different! 
    I started this blog just for fun, and because my girlfriend has one, and she proposed  once that i should start one. So here i am.
My name is Nistor Radu, i.m from Cluj-Napoca , and i.m 18 years old going on 19 ;;).
|There will be more posts in the near future, but first i need to know a thing or two about this "blogging".

                                                                                                Thanks, see you soon.